Demonstration Links

Physics applets from MSU
More physics applets from MSU
SIL Speech Analyzer
Shockwave Virtual Piano
Virtual Guitar
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
Reflection of a pulse
Production of a standing wave
Vibrating Drum Head
Traveling Pressure Wave in a Tube
Standing Pressure Wave in a Tube
Spherical Waves From a Sound Source
Interference from Multiple Sound Sources
Sound Generator
Fourier Synthesizer
Shepard Scale (Auditory Illusion)
Human Ear Hearing
Eardrum, Ossicles and Oval Window moving model
Cross Section of Coiled Cochlea
3D Cochlear Cross Section
Cochlear Cross Section
A Clear Schematic of the Inner Ear Anatomy
Stiffness vs. d along Basilar Membrane
f vs. d along Basilar Membrane
Traveling Waves Along Basilar Membrane
The Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti Mechanics
Lifesize Hammer Anvil and Stirrup
Size of the Cochlea
Fourier Synthesizer
Movie of Vibrating Vocal Cords
Sound and Hearing Page
Acoustics and Vibration Animations
Fourier synthesizer (
Fourier synthesis
Dartmouth: music and computers course
Physics of music and sound links at Harvard
Boye's site at Davidson
MAP_North Deliverable List
Internet Resources for the Mathematics Student ( Langara College - Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
Galileo telescopes (courtesy of Mark Wheeler)
UC Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations
University of Maryland Physics Education Research Group (PERG) Lecture Demonstration Facitilies