Physics 40: Topics in Contemporary Physics


2/10/01: I've updated the list of area physics department seminars and colloquia. I'll continue to add more as they come in, and I'll add more lists from related departments.
1/23/01: There will be an organizational meeting for Physics 40 on Monday January 24, 4:30 pm in Merrill 204. We'll meet to arrange regular meeting times. Please let me know if you plan to take the course but are unable to attend the meeting.


Course Information

Course Description: TBA


Times and location: M 6:30 - 8 pm, W 6 - 7:30 pm, Merrill 204
(Exception: In the second week of the semester we will meet T Th 5:30 - 7 rather than MW.)


Physics 35 or the equivalent, or my permission.

Course requirements:

Grading: TBA


Required: Additional useful references (if the library doesn't have them, I'll try to get them):

Lecture Schedule



I'll keep scheduling information on this site primarily. I'm not yet used to Courseinfo, but as I get used to it I may post more stuff on there.

Useful Links

I'll post interesting or useful links pertinent to the course here as they I come across them. If you come across any others, please let me know.

Presentation Schedule:

Other Interesting talks in the Five-College area:

Area Seminars and colloquia

Interesting and useful papers